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Elixir, a magical potion that grants us everlasting life. Though realistically impossible, it exists in each of our lives. It takes the form of those we love, that which we love to do, and that which defines us. Your elixir is what you live for, and what you continue to live for. Our event is a showcase for people to share the Elixir in their lives, thereby sharing hope, meaning, and allowing you to find your own Elixir.

8 July 2022
Why should you attendTEDxCITBengaluru?
xWe believe a TEDx Talk is a journey, With the Idea being the destination.
xWe find the most unique, thought-provoking and impactful ideas within our local community and provide a platform for it to spread far and wide.
xConnect with like-minded individuals and build your network.
xWatch mesmerizing performances by our Entertainers that leave you spell-bound.
What do you gain out ofTEDxCITBengaluru?
A Certificate for you to be proud of.
Memorabilia for you to cherish.
An Experience for you to learn from.
And of course, Ideas for you to reflect on.
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