What is TEDxCITBengaluru?

TEDxCITBengaluru is an independently organized TED event based in Cambridge Institute of technology, Bangalore. We are a team who strive to bring to you, top-notch TEDx events. We firmly believe that ideas have the power to change the world and it takes just one new idea to bring about a revolution. Therefore, here we are giving you an experience of different types of TED events, all of them, unique and means to share ‘Ideas worth spreading’.

Our Vision

We aim at bringing to our community, a global event that celebrates ideas!

Our Mission

  • To build a community of like- minded individuals who are eager to learn, share and grow.
  • To create a culture that can be carried forward and can continue inspiring the community.
  • To touch upon different aspects of life and society through our carefully crafted events.
  • To nurture and spread ideas on as large a scale as possible.
  • To make every event, one worth remembering and looking up to.

What is TED?

TED stands for ‘Technology Entertainment Design’. TED is a non-profit that goes by ‘Ideas worth sharing’. Their motive is simple; they take an idea and spread it to world, thereby making a change in the society as a whole. They achieve this through their concise, interesting TED talks delivered by speakers from different walks of life. These talks are then spread throughout!

What is TEDx?

  • Today, ripples of TED are visible across the globe. This is possible only through TEDx.
  • TEDx licensees get to organize different TED events under their TEDx banner.
  • A TEDx event is a live (or online) gathering where people come together, share and celebrate an idea.
  • Traditionally, every event is based on a theme and we have talkers giving the audience their ideas and insights. The event is further enhanced by performances and activities.
  • It is a great place to be in, considering the amount of learning that you acquire and also a wonderful opportunity to become part of an ever-growing community, eager to learn and share.

Our Team

Kevin Alberts Daniel

Kevin Alberts Daniel


Sanjeevini Surendran

Sanjeevini Surendran