TED Circles #8

TED Circle

As part of the COUTDOWN series, "HOW TO TALK ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE SO THAT PEOPLE WILL LISTEN" TED circle #8 was definitely an eye- opener. The talk focussed mainly on how biodiversity is important in the sustainability of our planet. Every species depends on others to survive. We learnt that monoculture is not the only solution to restoration but just one of the many solutions that we need to figure out. As a part of this effort, RESTORE a new digital ecosystem for restoration is now available to the public. It provides an open data platform that provides information about the type of species that can survive in a particular region, monitor ecological projects and finally a platform to share ecological information that can be used by various NGOs for restoration. Restoration will not only reduce climate change but will also solve other global threats like extreme weather events,food shortages, droughts and global pandemics. We discussed about different approaches we can take as individuals in contributing to restoring our planet. It was indeed an enlightening and lively session.

Hosted on 2021-08-30T17:30