TEDx Talk

Thriving while developing is a beautiful phenomenon in itself. When the whole mass joins hands to progress towards a goal, irrespective of differences and circumstances, the amalgamation of values takes place, and the results leave us spellbound. This is the first step towards flourishing! To thrive in a changing world, makes the virtues like integrity, compassion and trust thrive too . It also makes sure social norms are weighted and balanced. Thrive, is a woman's view of the world we live in, through her own window, while making it a more peaceful and achieving place. A place for our (she) change makers, their power, their ability and the spark they ignite wherever they go. The goal of our event is to explore the various fields encircling the female community, from empowerment to education, from dignity to rights and everything in between. It is going to be a call to the world, letting them know how powerful and capable women are, always ready to take on the world and to influence social change for themselves as well as others. An event that narrates stories where we see individuals flourishing, learning from their flaws, deepening the roots of their values and emerging victorious. Voicing out how we all thrive!

Hosted on 2021-12-11T10:00

Summary of Thrive

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