TEDx Talk

Hosted on 2021-09-25T13:33

Summary of Iridescence

Our very first event iridescence was a spectacular display of different perspectives. Each perspective, little or hugely different from each other, yet contributes to a common goal of sharing unique and vivid ideas. We acquired an understanding of limitless perception and how one linear-looking concept could be perceived very differently. We had 7 speakers and 3 different entertainers in total, each one providing a different outlook into their mind and art which they produce. - what's the need of the hour for a sustainable planet? T.N Subramanian had to share. - Sachin Kumar and his stand-up left us all in hysterics - Ever thought of agriculture as a way of life? Shashi had the answer - How do we impart quality education virtually? Arvindhan Anbazhagan had an idea - Jaz and Clare shared their version of iridescent by Linkin Park - Nehal kasliwal shared an idea of how to make blogging your full-time career - Irfan Sait shared stories of how multiple failures lead to success - Yogesh Ojha shared how a coder looks at life's colours. - Vasu Dixit electrified the audience with his unique performance. - Wilfred Shreyas inspired all of us on how to have iridescent perspectives. The experience was truly magical, they say when you find something iridescent, nothing else will ever compare. But wait, our journey has just begun and we at TEDxCITBengaluru believe we have plenty of ideas and perspectives to share.