Event Date: 25 September 2021
Event Timings: 10:00am
Event mode: Online
The beauty of splitting light is that we see colors that were once hidden. The beauty of life is that perspective opens up things that we've never seen before. Iridescence, an allusion to the intriguing natural phenomenon, where an object shines with bright colors, that appear different when seen from different angles. Life too is iridescent; it looks different from different angles. Rarely do we see things from the other side, but there’s always an unexplored aspect. The most crucial step in understanding each other and in understanding the world around us is to see things in more than one way. The goal of our event is to explore the numerous dimensions of life and how we can shine through each one of them, differently, yet splendidly! A reminiscence of how beautiful a mélange of emotions, talents, and flaws we are, a reiteration to embrace the beauty and potential of this diversity!